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Position: Trade Facilitation Coordinator

Country: VietnamCity: Ho Chi Minh City
Employment Type: LTTA (long term)
Posted Date: 10/2/2020 

Program Background: 

The USAID Trade Facilitation Program is a five-year program that aims to support Vietnam to adopt and implement a risk management approach to the clearance of goods at Vietnam’s borders; simplify and streamline specialized inspection; and take steps to facilitate implementation of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).

More specifically, the Program will work with the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) to strengthen Vietnam’s National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) and any working groups; streamline border clearance procedures (including specialized inspection (SI) implemented by other line ministries and agencies); harmonize the implementation of risk-based approaches between the national and provincial levels; train national and provincial customs officers and staff from other ministries on risk management; and facilitate dialogue between customs and business and between relevant stakeholders in Hanoi and in the provinces. 

Position Overview: 

The USAID Trade Facilitation Program provides assistance to the Government of Vietnam at both national and provincial levels. In order to achieve this, the Program plans to have a trade facilitation coordinator in effect based in Ho Chi Minh City, but frequently travelling to and working directly with local Customs Departments at the provincial level. The trade facilitation coordinator will be required to cooperate with and support both public and private sector stakeholders to build capacity, increase engagement, implement policy and harmonize procedures and further the objectives of the Program. This will include customs and line ministry departments involved with clearance of goods, risk management and undertaking specialized inspection.

The USAID Trade Facilitation Program also aims to improve coordination between national and provincial levels while enhancing collaboration, cooperation and implementation at provincial and inter-provincial levels. The activities and tasks of the trade facilitation coordinator will be aimed at implementation of trade facilitation policies and procedures at the provincial level in a harmonized and effective manner and achieving a greater involvement and engagement of the private sector.

The primary role of the trade facilitation coordinator will be to carry out the tasks and activities in a designated province (this may also include working or collaborating with other members of the Program team and/or short-term technical inputs). The trade facilitation coordinator will be required to visit provinces as needed in order to cooperate and collaborate with all stakeholders including GDVC, local Customs Departments, line ministries and provincial departments and agencies with specialized inspection. The trade facilitation coordinator will also need to build relationships and work closely with private sector stakeholders such as business associations, traders etc.

As stated above, the USAID Trade Facilitation Program will initially work in six pre-selected provinces i.e. Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Tri, Da Nang, Dong Nai and HCMC. Trade facilitation coordinator will be responsible for activities in HCMC and Dong Nai and he/she may also be required to travel to other provinces. The trade facilitation coordinator will be expected to implement all tasks efficiently, effectively and to the highest professional standards.

The program is currently seeking to fill the trade facilitation coordinator position to be responsible for HCMC. The trade facilitation coordinator will spend the first two weeks at the Program’s office in Hanoi to get acquainted with the Program, the other team members and to receive on boarding orientation. Moreover, he/she will spend one week every quarter at the Program’s office.  Special consideration may be given to candidates currently residing in the city. 

The Trade Facilitation Coordinator for HCMC-Dong Nai will report to the Deputy Chief of Party.

Function Note:

The Trade Facilitation Coordinator will support the following activities:

  • Contribute to the development and preparation of Annual Work Plans (AWP) with a focus on national-provincial communications and coordination, risk management, specialized inspection and other trade facilitation measures; and
  • Other work and contributions to the program as directed by the Program’s Chief of Party (COP), Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) and/or Senior Trade Facilitation Expert (STFE).

The Trade Facilitation Coordinator will be responsible for undertaking all activities and tasks in their provinces as defined in the Program’s Annual Work Plan as agreed with GDVC, including the following:  

  • Assist to establish a functioning effective national-provincial cooperation structure aimed at customs and line ministries for trade facilitation policies;
  • Assist the national-provincial cooperation structure to review, prioritize, and implement trade facilitation policies, measures and procedures as related to risk management and specialized inspection, so as to harmonize implementation;
  • Initiate and support technical skills training and learning for customs officers and operational staff from other line ministries; and
  • Assist GDVC and local customs departments to develop and maintain effective working relationships with key personnel staff in other beneficiary institutions i.e. line ministries and departments, and to further develop, enhance and promote customs-to-customs; customs-to-government agencies; and customs-to-business cooperation, consultation and partnerships

Requirement Note:

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, international trade, trade policy, law, customs administration, or similar field;
  • At least 3 years of experience working with the Vietnamese government at the central and/or provincial levels;
  • Proven experience of working or collaborating with the private sector;
  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision while maintaining reporting requirements and close collaboration with the Hanoi team;
  • Able to solve problems as well as exercise considerable analysis and judgement to identify solutions;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills plus excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Proficient in word processing, spreadsheets and office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Suite; and
  • Fluency in English and Vietnamese  

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of requirements under the Customs Law, border procedures, risk management, specialized inspection matters, government economic policies including Resolutions 19 and Resolution 02/2019, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the general political and economic environment at provincial levels;
  • Prior experience on USAID or donor-funded programs; and
  • Experience working with domestic or international shipping/freight/logistics or import-export enterprises