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Position: Gender, Social Inclusion, Transport Experts (STTA/Mid-term)

Country: United StatesCity: Arlington, VA
Employment Type: STTA (short term)
Posted Date: 1/5/2021 

Nathan is a leading provider of analytic and economic consultancy services worldwide. In the past decade, we have implemented more than 120 projects in more than 50 countries leveraging our global presence in Washington DC, London, and India. From improved transparency and deeper stakeholder engagement to more effective policies and more resilient businesses, we deliver results that impact economic growth, human development, and poverty reduction. We are passionate about applying our deep analytical expertise and advanced proprietary tools to generate economic solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges.  Nathan focuses on a range of economic development subject matter areas including Trade & Logistics; Economic Policy & Governance; Private Sector Development; Women’s Economic Empowerment; and Financial Solutions.  

Function Note:

Nathan is seeking mid-level and senior-level technical experts for an anticipated project focused on gender and social inclusion in transportation for select countries. Gender inequality is a significant constraint to economic growth and policy reduction and an important consideration for infrastructure development. This activity will provide technical advisory to ensure that gender and social inclusion are integrated in current compacts with transportation components and will provide analysis and design for compacts in development, as well as due diligence and ongoing support for compacts in implementation.


We are seeking GSI experts for ongoing short-term and medium-term opportunities in the following areas:

  • Transportation and/or transportation policy
  • Trafficking in persons
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Social safeguards, particularly with regards to transportation
  • Gender-based violence and sexual harassment
  • Female safety
  • Women’s and youth employment in non-traditional sectors, such as transportation and construction
  • Infrastructure development and planning
  • Women’s economic empowerment
  • Access and affordability

Requirement Note:

Candidates should also have experience in one or more of the following countries and regions, or similar, including the specified language requirements:

  • West Africa Regional with an emphasis on Benin and Niger, French language required
  • Cote d’Ivoire, French language required
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique, Portuguese language required
  • Kenya
  • Indonesia

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum experience: Bachelor’s degree in relevant field (10 years of relevant technical experience for senior experts and 5 years for mid-level experts);
  • Experience in gender and/or social inclusion in the transport sector (5+ years for senior, 3+ years for mid-level);
  • Master’s or PhD preferred;
  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of at least one other language preferred for non-English speaking countries;
  • Experience in the following: integrating gender considerations into transport systems; integrating gender considerations into infrastructure design and implementation; working with policymakers to include women and marginalized groups in transportation planning and design, construction and development, and maintenance; incorporating safeguards against sexual exploitation and assault and trafficking in persons; conducting gender analyses, assessments, and qualitative and quantitative research studies into gender and transport issues; integrating gender and social inclusion considerations into program design and implementation of transport programs; integrating gender considerations into M&E systems and structures; designing gender integration tools and toolkits; and/or developing risk mitigation strategies to prevent and address unintended, negative consequences;
  • Field experience required. Please list all countries of prior work experience in CV, with an emphasis on the countries listed above;
  • Prior experience working with MCC, USAID, or other donor organization preferred;
  • Strong communications skills and effective report-writing skills;
  • Experience working with complex, multi-disciplinary teams;
  • Capacity to be original and creative in strategies to integrate gender considerations into non-gender related programming; and
  • Willingness to travel (as needed within COVID-19 travel protocols) and perform in-depth research and analysis remotely.